Keynote Speakers

The Keynote talks will be given on Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th July.

Jackie Andrade, University of Plymouth, UK
Mental imagery: why it matters for mental health

Kofi Anie, Imperial College London, UK
Treatment Challenges and Adherence: How to motivate patients using MI and CBT across diverse communities

Jonathan Bisson, Cardiff University, UK
Developing and Evaluating Psychological Interventions to Prevent and Treat PTSD and Complex PTSD

Kate Cavanagh, University of Sussex, UK
Digital approaches to CBT and mindfulness-based interventions: Engagement and effectiveness

Philippe Goldin, University of California Davis, USA
Brain and behavioural mechanisms of CBT and MBSR for adults with social anxiety

Judy Hutchings, Bangor University, UK
Working with parents to prevent and/or reduce violence against children

Margo Ononaiye, University of Southampton, UK
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion:  Moving from tokenism to meaningful action.

Ron Rapee, Macquarie University, Australia
Universal, school-based screening to provide early intervention for youth mental health: Experiences from a state-wide study

Elizabeth Ruth, University of Bradford, UK
Who helps the helpers: Practitioner wellbeing in high volume care

Richard Thwaites, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, UK
The Rise of the Practitioners – an equitable future for CBT shaped by evidence, expert guidance and empowering first time authors.

Glenn Waller, University of Sheffield, UK
Therapist drift: A personal ramble through a clinical minefield

Adrian Whittington, NHS England, UK
A more psychological NHS: What next for CBT and psychological practice?

Lisa Wood, University College London, UK
How should we be delivering CBT for psychosis to those in inpatient settings?